We are a community of believers, seekers, and doubters who have covenanted to journey together in faith and compassion, celebrating God and working toward a more just world. We gather regularly in two worship services on Sundays. The café service is in the chapel; we gather around tables informally with snacks and coffee. The second service is in the sanctuary for a more traditional worship experience, featuring music with the pipe organ, piano, choir and/or guest instrumentalists. 

Café service starts at 8:30 am

Sanctuary service starts at 10:30 am

We invite all to join us. You are welcome here!


NOTE: These sermons can be viewed and downloaded with PDF reading programs.  If you need a copy of Adobe Reader, you can download it here. If you have visited this page before, you may need to refresh your screen in order to see the more recent sermons.

September 29, 2019 Always Been Yes! (.pdf)

September 22, 2019 Taking Care of Business (.pdf)

September 15, 2019   Managing our Anxiety    (.pdf)

September 8, 2019     Occasion of your Baptism   (.pdf) 

August 18, 2019 Summer of Self Care - Relationships (.pdf)


+ When are your services?

Sunday – 8:30 am and 10:30 am. The 8:30 am is a Cafe service with lots of discussion and interaction around tables. The 10:30 am service is a more traditional-style service held in the sanctuary featuring music with the pipe organ, piano, choir(s) and guest musicians.

+ Are gay, lesbian, etc. individuals/couples/families welcome here?

Yes! “Open and affirming” is a fancy way of saying that we welcome all walks of life. We have many members who are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

+ Do you have a cry room?

No, we do not, and we never will. Children are a part of the church, even when they’re still little and tend to scream often. Nursing mothers and noisy children belong with their church community, just like everyone else.

+ What denomination are you?

We are a blend of Presbyterian and United Church of Christ. What we are, truthfully, is a little Presbyterian, a little United Church of Christ, and a whole lot of what works best for our church community and spiritual practices.

+ Will I feel welcome?

Oh, yes. Our church community is very welcoming, especially to new faces. All are welcome here, in all senses of the phrase.

+ What would you recommend for introverts?

We are very familiar with introverts. The earlier service (8:30 am) involves discussion and connecting with members around the table. It builds strong bonds with other members in the church, while discussing important issues such as love, trust, loneliness, and many others. The second service (10:30 am) is a more traditional service. It’s held in the sanctuary, has a structured service, and only has a small amount of time set aside for socializing, with a small social ask of smiling and shaking hands with those around you for about five minutes. Depending on your needs for that day, you can choose which service is better for you.

+ I am looking for a community. Can United help?

Absolutely. One of the most beneficial roles the church serves is to create community for those who may have a hard time finding it elsewhere. The world can feel lonely without a community of people to smile at you, greet you, and genuinely show compassion for your well-being. To build that community, try going to the earlier service to meet more people on a more personal level, or click here to learn what activities you can become involved in within the church.

+ What nonprofits do you work with? How are you giving back to the community?

Many of our members volunteer their time to numerous nonprofits in the community. Additionally, United personally supports the Community Care Center, Interfaith Works, Family Support Center and many more.

+ How traditional is the traditional service?

The 10:30 am service is traditional in that it is structured, involves hymns from a hymnal, contains scripture readings, and an anthem from the choir, bell choir, or special musical individuals. What’s a little different is that we love to have children involved, sometimes allowing them to wiggle wherever (and whenever) they feel necessary, we tend to lean a little left on the political scale, though we try not to be obnoxiously vocal about it, and we like to laugh – a lot. What will strike you immediately are the cheery natures of our pastors as they greet people, lead the service, and slip in a joke or two during their sermon. It is the service you know and love, but with a light-hearted attitude.

+ I have children. Will they have other children to play with at United?

Yes! We are very proud that many families with children attend United. Your child will have playmates to learn and grow with.

+ Do you have youth programs, both during church and during the week?

Yes! During our second service we offer clubs for kids of all ages, with a special group for high schoolers. Additionally, youth group meets every Tuesday at 5:30 pm, alternating the location between United and Westminster Presbyterian.

+ Are you evangelicals/extremists?

No. Our church believes in loving everyone as they are and helping them to feel loved.

+ Will your church make me feel guilty or shamed?

No. We will love you as you are, help you if you need help, and do everything we can to remind you that you are a loved child of God.

+ What is inclusive language?

Inclusive language allows the church to make all people feel welcome. Primarily, it means removing the assumption that God is a man when we praise and discuss them. A typical example is changing hymnal lyrics from, “he” to “God,” when God is referenced in them.

+ Is this a good church for millennials?

Absolutely. Click here to read a message from one of our church millennials on why they feel United has a lot to offer young people.

+ Where can I ask a question that I don’t see listed here?

Please use our contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.