Caring Friends

Caring Friends is a group of our members who minister to the congregation by visiting those in our community who are not able to engage fully in the life of our community because of their advanced years, limited mobility or other circumstances that require a little extra love.  Our Caring Friends visit those who are housebound and unable to attend church services, those who need to talk, or perhaps are recovering from surgery.  If you are interested in becoming a Caring Friend or having a Caring Friend come to visit you, please contact the Church Office.

Prayer Partners

A Prayer Partner is a friend who will join you on the journey – who will encourage you and nudge you when you’re not doing the things you say you need. It’s someone that will laugh and cry with you in prayer. It’s someone to talk to about what it means to be a Christian in a changing world. Those interested in a Prayer Partner in our church family should share that desire with our pastor.

Meals from Heaven

Meals from Heaven is a organized by one of our members to respond in times of crisis or loss to provide warm, homemade meals to those that need a reminder of God’s love. Each meal is prepared and delivered by a member of our congregation.

Dinners-for-Seven & No-Host-Lunch-Bunch

These meals provide singles and couples an opportunity to share a family meal as a church family. The intention is to mix our members up so that new relationships develop and grow.  Dinners-for-Seven is hosted by a particular host as either a potluck or a fully prepared meal. There is also an opportunity called Lunch Bunch available for those that chose not to drive at night to share a meal during the day. Our Lunch Bunch does not require anyone to host. There are two rotations during the year — first in March and then in October.