Club 345

Club 345 is a special fellowship group for children in grades 3-5. This group is designed to provide fellowship, service and spiritual exploration to our older elementary aged children. The group has an organized activity following the 10:30 worship on the second Sunday of each month. For more information, contact Lara Crustinger-Perry, Minster to Youth and Families.

Bible Discovery Workshop

Each year our church presents children in upper elementary school with a new Bible. During the Fall, they will be invited to be a part of a Bible Discovery Workshop/Retreat where they will become familiar with their Bible and gain some tools to help them use their Bibles at home.


Childcare is offered during many of our Church activities for children aged 5 and under, including both of our Sunday morning worship services. Children over five years old are encouraged to attend a Spiritual Formation class during the 10:30 service. Additionally, our childcare staff provide care for children through grade 5 while their parents are in evening meetings. Your child’s safety while they are at The United Churches is important to us. We screen and conduct annual background checks on all persons who work with our children. For more information, view our Safe Church Policy and Procedures.

Intergenerational worship services

While children are welcome to all of our worship services, we especially welcome them on the first Sunday of each month. During the 10:30 service on these days, there are no spiritual formation classes offered. Children are welcomed into worship as they are and given the opportunity to experience corporate worship with their family and friends. This is a wonderful time for the church family.