Action Team Ideas


Join Rev. Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign

Organizers:  Leslie Cushman, Sandra Hoy-Maruschak

Supporters: Janet Sears, Rod Cate, Tammy Stampfli


Christian Education – Spiritual Practice

Provide Educational and Experiential Opportunities within the progressive framework of the teachings of Jesus, intergenerational for all ages.

Organizers: Jill Komura, Paul McCann, Randy Henderson, Rod Cate, Char McMullen, Bob McMullen

Supporters: Nancy Welton, Tia Hey, Sandee Sennes, Deb Wallace, Peter Cook


Hosting Community Events

Provide Educational Events, Game Nights, Concerts, Skill Building, Movie Nights


Supporters: Caren Rose, Sandee Sennes, Vicky McCarley, Jimmy Allen



A Commitment to the Environmental Protection should be seen as a commitment to God’s creation and therefore a Christian imperative.

Organizer:  Calla Chen

Supporters: Ruth Shearer, Deb Wallace, Lauren Jenks, Amanda Jones



Provide opportunities for more community connection with music. Private Studio participation, Concerts, open mic nights, group singing. Establishing a possible scholarship for college students.



Peg Charlesworth, Cynthia Cook, Paul McCann, Sandee Sennes, Bunny Hooper, Amanda Jones, Therese Sprunger.



Monthly events, constant time but variable places. Activities such as yoga, games, cooking, art classes etc.

Organizers: Calla Chen, Amanda Jones, Tim Stampfli, Vicky McCarleu

Supporters:  Peg Charlesworth, Sandee Sennes, Randy Henderson, Bumny Hooper, Shawn Andrews, Therese Sprunger, Tia Hey



Use Building to make an impact on homelessness

Organizers:  Mike Rush, Peter Cook

Supporters: Therese Sprunger, Nancy Welton



Educating Congregation, Connect with community organizations, prepare Church council for the use of space.

Organizers: Ruth Shearer, Eleanor VanNoppen, Cynthia Cook, Sandee Sennes, Nancy Welton

Supporters: Therese Sprunger, Inge Fruend, Bob Fruend, Peter Cook


Physical Plant

Having a beautiful building that reflects our mission – Through Painting, Grounds maintenance, improved Video and Audio, banner design and improved Website.

Organizers:  Peg Charlesworth, Calla Chen, Deb Wallace, Bunny Hooper

Supporters: Cynthia Cook, Peter Cook


Congregational Connections (Caring)

Revitalize Congregational Life Ministry, providing more opportunities to care for one another through meals, cards, visits and Prayers. And (combining 2 groups) Small Groups – Education with a Focus

Organizers: Calla Chen, Jill Komura, Jinny Beekmann/ Therese Sprunger, Dana Leavitt, Nancy Welton

Supporters:  Jo Edwards, Jim Fett, Tia Hey, Pat Cate, Vicky McCarley, Jimmie Allen, Lauren Jenks/ Jo Edwards, Jill Komura, Paul McCann, Pat Care, Tim Stampfli, Sandee Sennes.

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