Intentions for 2017

Assume goodness and good intentions in others, and act toward them in light of that goodness

 “adopt” a person or family in need, as we did with H. make it personal.

 Give to others

 Love

 Share life at Bible study

 Speak truth to power

 Stand up for hope, for love by being there for those who feel unloved and unwelcomed

 Help more homeless

 Bake bread

 Help a homeless family

 Help those with medical problems

 I will look the homeless in the eye instead of averting my eyes because I’m uncomfortable. I will give

them my time and start a conversation.

 Share the love each and every day, step out of comfort zone to do so.

 Rise up in Love

 Give time to Community Care Center

 Give money to Community Care Center

 Greet newcomers and kids

 Take more quiet time with God.

 Love beyond my introversion.

 Donate to Food Bank

 I will be intentional about reaching out to others in our church community to listen and understand

them better.

 No one personally criticizes another during church council meetings

 Youth group to make or collect hats/mittens for those in need/homeless

 Talk to more people I don’t know in church.

 Dear God, I ask for you to give me patience and an open heart this year and always so that I may serve

your church and do your will as you designed me for. Give me grace, Lord to be the Christian you want

me to be. Amen.

 Wish all, welcome all to this – our church!

 Show more love and respect towards one another.

 Be more forgiving.

 Host a “Feed-in” for those who are homeless 6 times a year

 Multiple potlucks for church members

 Faith community’s preparedness

 Spiritual resilience

 The reason I joined the Church was about the outreach to organizations to use the building and the

other ways community is supported.

 Continue to support our homeless population with warmth, food and love.

 Defy Trump and republicans at every turn

 Visit sick and convalescing persons.

 Be a better caretaker of someone with Alzheimer’s. Please!

 Instigate conversations with people we don’t know

 Stand up together to resist those in power who would bring us harm, loss, pain, and who would take it

all if they can. Be heard together. Do not “fall in line.”

 To think about my son at all times. Do everything I can for him and his well being

 To see God in others so that we recognize Him in those we help

 Visit my neighbors

 Join caring friends

 Actively listen

 Love unconditionally

 Thank you for my husband and children

 More efforts for the food bank and the Other Bank by individuals and the church

 Try to be more like Jesus

 Put God in every day. See God in everyone.

 Establish stronger ties with community governances – city, council, legislative, etc- to advocate for


 We could make bags of food or personal hygiene items to give to homeless people we meet on the


 We could make special space (Chapel/Fireside) available to legislative folks as a “safe space” where

they could enjoy coffee, snacks, availability of the sanctuary for prayer – for designated hours,

publicized, and hosted by volunteers- let’s take advantage of our unique location and practice

“radical” hospitality.

 I love the services

 Worship with Muslim groups, African American churches

 Find homes for the homeless

 Help at the food bank

 Each Sunday get to know one more

 Follow up with families displaced by evictions to help remove obstacles to gaining shelter

 Feed the poor

 Put a box in the narthex or some location for people to drop their free samples, hotel shampoos, etc

water bottles etc so a group (possibly youth) can bag them each month and then parishoner’s can take

them. This is multigenerational activity and provides and avenue for service

 Listen within open heart

 Soup kitchen – volunteer work

 Try to reach out further in our quest to help the disadvantages and displaced

 Talk and listen to each other in more respectful ways during business, council and specific church

ministry meetings

 Start each day with idea of how to make someone else’s life better/happier

 Show unconditional love to those we expect will never return it or even acknowledge it

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